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Exploring outside of Girona – La Barretina

Girona was a great city to explore for a couple of days with all the historical buildings, the beautiful old Jewish Quarter and of course, looking out for the shooting locations of Games of Thrones! However, we decided to explore outside of Girona and visit the Théâtre-Musée Dali à Figueres (Dali Museum in Figueres) and also grab a really nice lunch along the way at La Barretina.

Not knowing how busy the restaurant would be, we made a reservation with La Barretina way in advance. MJ had to ask her Spanish friend for help since they did not reply to my email. The drive to the small town of Orfes, where the restaurant was located, was really nice and cool with views like these along the way.

La BarretinaLa BarretinaAs we turned into the little parking lot right outside the restaurant, we lost all (mobile) connection with the outside world. Luckily Google map managed to bring us there safely before abandoning us!

La Barretina

See the reflection of our little red Audi there 🙂

La Barretina When we walked through the main restaurant entrance, we saw a middle-age lady walking down a flight of steps with a confused look and said something to her companion in a language we couldn’t understand. Wignored them and climbed up, stood in front of the closed restaurant door (shown here on the left) and rang the door bell. Who would have known that we are required to ring the door bell to get into a restaurant right?? 

Shortly after, we saw the lady with her friend in the restaurant 🙂


The décor of the restaurant was simple and cosy. There was even a mini garden behind the restaurant leading to the chef’s house and his wine cellar. Other than the food, the garden was probably my favourite part of the restaurant. The sound of water flowing in the mini fountain and the cool air in the garden was really refreshing.

La Barretina

La Barretina

Sheryl Ott wrote about La Barretina  and its onion cake in one of her blog posts and I made sure we ordered that (they now have English menu!). The cannelloni we ordered was delicious but the onion cake was so good!! I’m not much of an onion-person but I have to tell you, this onion cake was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Sweet, creamy and flavourful – it was amazing and definitely my favourite dish. I could have gone for a second round if not for the mains lol!

La Barretina

For the main courses we ordered the duck confit, chicken with wild mushrooms and lamb stew. The meats were all seasoned beautifully and so tender that they came apart easily with the use of a fork and knife. Even though I don’t eat lamb, all 3 of us agreed that the duck and chicken were the tastier dishes. 

La Barretina

Hungry faces (even though we just finished the gorgeous starters!)

La Barretina La BarretinaWe were stuffed finishing all those food but still managed to order 2 desserts to share (which we forgot to take photo of because we were greedy!). The chef cum owner also served us his home-made sweet wine (we think), free-of-charge. They were fragrant but too strong for me.

We left the restaurant full and satisfied.


Was extremely glad that we took the detour to enjoy the scrumptious lunch at La Barretina. I would go back anytime for the starters, particularly for the onion cake! And maybe this time, I will spend more time in this area and walk around the beautiful Lake Banyoles.

Anyhow, La Barretina, yet another great meal in Spain to remember by.

La Barretina

Tell me about your memorable meal in Spain! Do you know you can visit Girona on a daytrip from Barcelona

24 thoughts on “Exploring outside of Girona – La Barretina

  1. J.T

    Looks absolutely delish and your post is making me drool especially at the onion cake 😀 Thank you as always for sharing Dariel! 😀

    1. Dariel Post author

      Neither have I, until I came across the article 🙂 Would be a good idea to stay 1 night in the area.

    1. Dariel Post author

      It is not a private kitchen but not sure why they closed the door lol. Oh, it didn’t cross my mind to ask for the recipe! Might be a better idea for it to stay as a good memory 🙂

  2. ellisveen

    I did not know Game of Thrones was filmed in Girona. I was there a couple of years back, but stayed in some sort of retreat in the mountains. I loved the scenery there.

  3. Pinay Flying High

    It’s like going in a secret supper club, how cool is it to ring a doorbell to go to a restaurant? I thought your map gave you the wrong direction at first. The restaurant looks fab! Very cozy and charming. The food looks great too! 🙂

    1. Dariel Post author

      We thought the same too when Siri told us “you have reached your destination”. Luckily the name of the restaurant was right at the top of the main entrance. Wish I’m there right now for the onion cake!

  4. nomadepicureans

    Oh that food looks so good! And I looooove onion, so I think this is just the place for me 😀

    Jacky 🌞

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