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volunteering in Cambodia

Hi there! I am Dariel, a Singaporean working in Hong Kong. I re-located to Dubai in 2006 and started to travel whenever the chance arose. Dubai made the perfect launching pad for Europe, the Middle East and even Africa. Now that I’ve moved to Hong Kong, I’ve started to explore Asia more. Off the beaten paths including Myanmar, Cambodia and even China have been exhilarating finds. My travels have brought me across more than 30 countries (and counting!).

I started this travel blog to record my past and recent travel experiences, sometimes as a solo traveller. Since my travels are mostly free and easy, I will also share my itineraries (99% of which were planned by myself), reviews of hotels and other accommodations and travel tips. As a traveller, I like to wander places that are off-the-beaten path. Not forgetting the food from all over the world! They will definitely be shared on my travel blog too 🙂

Bifengxia Panda ReserveHope my travel blog will inspire people to travel more, especially people who are working full-time. Besides travelling, it is my sincere wish that some of you will take the leap of faith and try solo travel at least once! Trust me, it will change your perspective to travelling!  

Hope you will enjoy reading the blog posts and do let me know if you have any comments / feedbacks.

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If you need any help in planning your trip, can contact me directly by email at dariel[at]wheresdariel[dot]com.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy and Safe Travels!


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