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My First Blogging Award!



Yay, my very first blogging award! Honoured and thankful to The Travel Sisters for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is an online award given out by fellow bloggers to new bloggers with under 500 followers to congratulate them / highlight their blog. A very nice gesture within the blogging community I think, helping each other out.

The Rules 

  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
  • Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.
  • Ask those eleven bloggers eleven questions.
  • Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can continue the chain.

So once again, thank you Matilda and Patti for the nomination.

Here are my answers to the questions posed:

1) If you could move anywhere in the world for a year where would it be?

Maybe Italy, or even the States. So that I can travel within the country but experience different cultures!

2) Who was the most interesting person you met on your travels?

Hmmm… haven’t met that many interesting people yet.

3) How would you define your style of travelling?

Usually self-planned, free and easy. Not a backpacker and I prefer to stay in Bed and Breakfast or accommodations booked under AirBnB.

4) What is your best travel memory?

Too many! But the best would be the road trips I took in Scotland, USA and France. We plan the routes, drive and stop whenever we want, wherever we want.

5) What is the most scary or embarrassing experience you’ve had on the road?

Dozed off while driving! I know, stupid and silly. I promise I won’t do it ever again.

6) How do you choose where you travel to?

Depends on the time of the year, where I am based at and the amount of time I have to travel.

7) What are your three favourite places (cities or countries, islands etc.) visited and why?

This is a tough one… but if I have to choose, my 3 favourite places would be the Highlands of Scotland, Venice and the Grand Canyon. Very different places but all very beautiful.

8) Have you been somewhere that did not live up to your expectations?

Not yet! And I hope I will never have that experience.

9) What type of things excite you the most while traveling?

Finding things / places unexpectedly or not within my plans, especially those that are off the beaten path.

10) Do you collect anything during your travels?

I started buying fridge magnets for each of the places I’ve been until recently when I realise (1) I’ve run out of space! and (2) magnets are rather expensive in some cities. So I’ve sort of stopped doing that. But I never stop collecting memories.

11) Who is your favourite travel partner?

My dearest friend MJ who will almost always try to find good food in the areas we are in. That’s how we grew fat.

My Nominations

My Questions

1) Do you travel with luggage or backpack?

2) What would you do without the internet / wi-fi access for 1 week?

3) If you can only choose 1, mountains or cities?

4) Which country / city / island is at the top of your must-see  and why?

5) What is the weirdest food you have eaten?

6) Are you a dog lover?

7) Which camera are you using for your blog?

8) Do you plan your itineraries or play by ear?

9) Have you ever missed your plane?

10) Do you prefer to drive, fly or take the train?

11) Are you a Mac or Windows person?

Hope to read your answers soon! And remember to link back your answers in my comments!


8 thoughts on “My First Blogging Award!

  1. Ah Boy

    Congrats, Lu!
    A strong motivation for u to keep traveling & share ur travel experiences wif all ur lil fans here!

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